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Research area:

Development, research and implementation of methodological, methodical and technological bases for automation and intellectualization of complex systems modeling at various stages of their life cycle.


  • System analysis, multiple-model and multi-criteria estimation of the efficiency of complex organizational-technical systems (COTS) functioning.
  • Development of methodological and methodical bases for the theory of managing COTS structural dynamics at various stages of their life cycle.
  • Development and research of methodological and methodical bases for solving the problems of structural and functional synthesis of intelligent information technologies and condition monitoring systems for complex technical objects operating in real-time in dynamically changing environment.
  • Development of new intelligent technologies for design, development and maintenance of COTS condition monitoring program complexes.
  • Qualimetry of models and multiple-model complexes.
  • Statistical and intelligent processing and analysis of data and their application to the operative condition monitoring of complex dynamical objects.
  • Development and research of integrated methods for the forecasting the state of COTS.