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New grants of Russian Foundation for basic research

New grants of Russian Foundation for basic research

LITSAM project is among the best

LITSAM project is among the best

The information on LITSAM project “Intelligent information technology of operational monitoring and proactive flood modeling using satellite imagery and access to results through geoportals” (2013-2015) is available now on the website of the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR) under “Best projects of RFBR”. The project was implemented by the LITSAM together with specialists from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The project was aimed at research and development of model-algorithmic support for automation of integrated monitoring and proactive modeling of floods with using different types of ground and space data, elaboration and testing of appropriate hardware and software prototype with access to the simulation results via the geoportal.

Research in this area continues under the grant of the Russian Science Foundation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends and colleagues!
The team of LITSAM wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
We wish you success and prosperity, good physical and financial health.
Let 2018 be filled with interesting projects and the right decisions.
In our turn, we will do our best to ensure that our joint discoveries, ideas and achievements contribute to this!
Best regards,
Your reliable partner
Laboratory of Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling
International cooperation is expanding

International cooperation is expanding

The project InnoForestView with SPIIRAS successfully passed a tender procedure and was selected for funding by the joint managing Committee of the Programme Russia – South-East Finland.

The full name of the project is “Innovative information technologies for analysis of negative impact on the cross-border region forests”.

The project topic is closely related to the LITSAM work on creating thematic products and services based on remote sensing data as well as developing an information platform for providing these services.

The main content of the project will be the development of a unified information system for analyzing and forecasting the negative impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on forests in the border regions of Russia and Finland. It is planned to widely use remote sensing data, ground-based observations and their joint processing for solving the problems in the border areas.

The total of 51 projects were submitted for the competition and only 10 of them were selected for financing.

Together with SPIIRAS the project partners from Russia are St. Petersburg Information Analytical Centre (leading partner) and Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University. The partner from Finland is Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

BalticSatApps: 1st project meeting

BalticSatApps: 1st project meeting

The staff of LITSAM participate in project “Speeding up Copernicus Innovation for the BSR Environment and Security” (BalticSatApps) in the framework of Interreg Baltic See Region program.

The project is aimed at improving the awareness to the opportunities provided by remote sensing data and speeding up the market uptake of RS data. The project will be implemented within 3 years.

Within the project it is planned to expand the functionality of information platform developed by LITSAM for creating and providing thematic services.

On December 7, 2017, European-Russian InnoPartnership hosted a meeting with the representatives of the leading project partner – University of Turku and Turku Science Park (Finland) and discussion of the main tasks of the 1st project stage.

Conference «Monitoring of natural and technogenic objects»

Conference «Monitoring of natural and technogenic objects»

In the framework of developing cooperation with Belarusian organizations the LITSAM took part in the 2nd, already traditional conference «Monitoring of natural and technogenic objects» organized by the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

The key feature of the conference is that among the participants – besides scientific organizations and educational institutions – are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus. This opens up good prospects for the practical implementation and development of the projects presented in the reports.

Chief researcher of the LITSAM Prof. Zelentsov V.A. presented a report on the following topic: «Monitoring and forecasting the state of natural-technological objects on the basis of systems with service-oriented architecture».

During the conference the participants visited the Republican Center for Management and Emergency Response where they got acquainted with the current monitoring systems and exchanged contacts for potential future cooperation.

All-Russian Forum in VolgaTech

All-Russian Forum in VolgaTech

On November 21-24, 2017, Volga State University of Technology (Volga Tech) hosted the 3rd All-Russian student forum “Engineers of Russian innovative economics”.

Prof. Sokolov B.V. was invited to this forum as a plenary lecturer in the panel discussion “Academic science and its role in training engineers”.

In the report Prof. Sokolov B.V. raised three sets of problems:

  • place and role of science and education in the structure of the modern information society;
  • interdisciplinary branch of system knowledge as a methodological basis for integrating education, science and production;
  • North-West Aerospace Monitoring Center as an example of integration of education, science and production.

During the speech Prof. Sokolov B.V. pointed out that a special place in solving the problems of managing the digital economy in the Russian Federation should be devoted to the organization of system (complex) modeling of complex production and technological processes and facilities.

To illustrate the modern tools for automating system modeling existing in Russia and in the world Prof. Sokolov B.V. dwelled on the recent results of SPIIRAS International Project ERASMUS +, Capacity building in higher education, № 73751-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “InMotion: Innovative teaching and learning strategies in open modelling and simulation environment for student-centered engineering education”.

New monograph with our participation

New monograph with our participation

The new monograph “Flood Monitoring through Remote Sensing” published by Springer is now available online.

The staff of our laboratory – S.A. Potryasaev, I.Yu. Pimanov, B.V. Sokolov, V.A. Zelentsov – participated in the creation of this monograph. Together with specialists from Moscow organizations they prepared the chapter “River Flood Forecasting System: An Interdisciplinary Approach” that presents the main results of developing river flood operational forecasting system on the basis of service-oriented architecture and remote sensing data.

The monograph is the result of cooperation with scientists from the National Research Council of Italy on the topic of remote sensing data processing for flood mapping, monitoring and forecasting.



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Methods, tools and systems for integrated processing of heterogeneous terrestrial and aerospace data in territory development management.


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