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Testing of the operative flood forecasting system

Testing of the operative flood forecasting system

InMotion in Malaysia

InMotion in Malaysia

On April 16-18, 2018 the work meeting on ERASMUS+ InMotion project was held at Malaysian University of Technology (UTM).

The representatives of all project partners took part in the event. At the meeting the participants discussed the main results of the 3rd working period and prepared the work plan for the next period.

During the discussion of the teaching and learning materials developed by the projects participants  LITSAM junior researcher Maria Ponomarenko made a report on the results of the SPIIRAS activities on reviewing of syllabi, textbooks and guidelines created by partner universities and recommendations of stakeholders on improving these materials.

BalticSatApps in Stockholm

BalticSatApps in Stockholm

On April 12-13, 2018, the work meeting on BalticSatApps project (program Interreg Baltic Sea Region) was held in Stockholm. The project is aimed at expanding the application of remote sensing data provided by the European Copernicus program.

The representatives of the following organizations took part in the event: Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Turku, Turku Science Park, Aalto University (Finland), Swedish National Space Board (Sweden), Cracow University of Technology, Krakow Technology Park (Poland), Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (Warsaw, Poland), University of Tartu (Estonia).

The main purpose of the conference was to discuss the results of the 1st working period of the project. Besides, the official representative of the Copernicus support office provided trainings on the newest Copernicus opportunities.

Executive Director of the Russian-European InnoPartnership Maria Kuzko made a report on the results of the project implementation by Russian partners.

Representatives of the SPIIRAS – LITSAM senior researcher Viacheslav Zelentsov and junior researcher Maria Ponomarenko – presented proposals on the development of an information analytical system for creating and providing thematic services using remote sensing data.

Symbolically, the first day of the event – April 12 – was the Cosmonautics Day. Russian partners reminded about this and congratulated European colleagues.

14th Big Geographical Festival

14th Big Geographical Festival

On April 06-08, 2018 the 14th Big Geographical Festival took place at the Institute of Earth Sciences of St. Petersburg University.

BGF-2018 was dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the 1st special geographic higher educational institution in Russia – the Geographical Institute.

Within the framework of the festival on April 07, 2018 the International scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduate students and young scientists was held.

One of the main and most visited sections of the conference is annually “Cartography and geodesy, GIS-technologies in geographical research, land management and cadastres”.

On the section «Remote sensing» (expert of this section was the head of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, PhD Panidi Evgeny Alexandrovich) LITSAM junior researcher Ilya Pimanov presented a report on the following topic:

Use of space radar sensing data for verification of results of short-term forecasting of high water flood (Authors: Pimanov I.Yu., Ponomarenko M.R. ).

Mapping Water Bodies from Space 2nd Conference (MWBS-2018)

Mapping Water Bodies from Space 2nd Conference (MWBS-2018)

On 27-28 March, 2018 the 2nd International Conference «Mapping Water Bodies from Space (MWBS-2018)» took place in Frascati, Italy.

The conference is organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and held at ESA-ESRIN (ESA Centre for Earth Observation). MWBS gives an opportunity for specialists in Earth remote sensing data to present their current research on the topic of using satellite data for identification and mapping of water bodies and inundated areas.

At MWBS-2018 junior researcher of LITSAM Ilya Pimanov presented the following report:

“SAR Based Mapping of Flooded Areas for the Validation of Short-term Flood Forecasting” (Authors: Ponomarenko Maria, Pimanov Ilya).

The presented research attracted the interest of the colleagues.

Project «Technology-US» continues

Project «Technology-US» continues

LITSAM won the tender to continue the work on project «Technology-US» under the Union State of Russia and Belarus program.

The project customer is Space Systems Research and Development Institute (NII KS). The work on the project will last until 2020.

The research is aimed at development of technology for managing the configuration (reconfiguration) of small-size spacecraft on-board equipment in order to improve their survivability, in particular, to ensure their resistance to radiation effects.

New grants of Russian Foundation for basic research

New grants of Russian Foundation for basic research

At the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018 the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR) summed up the call for proposals. As a result, LITSAM won grants for the following projects:

  • Development of theoretical and technological foundations of intelligent decision support in the area of integrated urban arterial transportation planning in metropolitan areas taking into account preferences of passengers of various social groups (Project head – Sokolov B.V.);
  • Development and research of methods and algorithms of pro-active control of maintenance of onboard systems of complex dynamic objects at emergency situations (Project head – Ohtilev M.Yu.).
LITSAM project is among the best

LITSAM project is among the best

The information on LITSAM project “Intelligent information technology of operational monitoring and proactive flood modeling using satellite imagery and access to results through geoportals” (2013-2015) is available now on the website of the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR) under “Best projects of RFBR”. The project was implemented by the LITSAM together with specialists from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The project was aimed at research and development of model-algorithmic support for automation of integrated monitoring and proactive modeling of floods with using different types of ground and space data, elaboration and testing of appropriate hardware and software prototype with access to the simulation results via the geoportal.

Research in this area continues under the grant of the Russian Science Foundation.


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Theory of models and multiple-model complexes qualimetry.

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Methods, tools and systems for integrated processing of heterogeneous terrestrial and aerospace data in territory development management.


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