Participation in VIII Belarusian Space Congress


On 25-27 October, 2022, VIII Belarusian Space Congress took place in Minsk. The congress was organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), Space Research Agency of the NASB and State Scientific Institution «United Institute of Informatics Problems of the NASB».

The congress was attended by 212 participants from Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Russia and Uzbekistan, including State Secretary of the Union State Mezentsev D.F. and Deputy Secretary of State – member of the Standing Committee of the Union State Kubrin A.A.

During the event, 127 reports were presented by scientists and specialists involved in space activities, as well as representatives of government bodies and educational institutions.

LITSAM presented 2 reports:

  • chief researcher, head of the LITSAM Boris Sokolov made a report on the topic «Information and analytical platform for proactive life cycle management of complex technical objects» (co-authors: Kovtun V.S., Okhtilev M.Yu., Yusupov R.M.);
  • chief researcher Viacheslav Zelentsov made a report on the topic «Automation of the joint use of remote sensing data from Russian and Belarusian satellites in solving thematic problems» prepared in collaboration with Research Institute of Space Systems («NII KS») (co-authors: Kulakov A.Yu., Pimanov I.Yu., Potryasaev S.A., Cherny A.N.) (plenary section).

LITSAM specialist defended his PhD thesis


 On June 30, 2022, LITSAM junior researcher Ilya Pimanov successfully defended his PhD dissertation on the topic «Algorithmic and software support for automation of the functioning of distributed systems for complex modeling of natural and natural-technical objects», scientific specialty – 2.3.5 Mathematical and software support for computing systems, complexes and computer networks, scientific supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, LITSAM chief researcher Viacheslav Zelentsov.

Conference IMMOD 2021


On October 20-22, 2021, the 10th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference «Simulation Modeling. Theory and practice» (IMMOD-2021) was held in St. Petersburg.

The conference program included reports related primarily to the field of modeling systems with discrete events and time. Reports on system modeling using other technologies (system dynamics, agent and evolutionary modeling, neural networks, etc.) were submitted if they contained results related to general methodological, software and hardware problems of simulation and complex modeling of complex objects and processes in various subject areas.

LITSAM graduate student Murashov D.A. presented a report on the topic “Analytical and simulation modeling of the processes of coordination of group behavior of agents” and became the laureate of the Youth Prize named after N.P. Buslenkov in the field of theory and practice of simulation modeling.


Final conference on Innoforestview project


The final conference on the Innoforestview project was held on May 28, 2021.

The event was attended by Russian and Finnish project partners, representatives of the Committee for External Relations and the Committee for Informatization and Communications of St. Petersburg and Cross-Border Cooperation Program «South-East Finland Russia» 2014-2020, organizations in the field of forestry, ecology and nature management, etc.

LITSAM representatives made a report on the results of Earth observation data processing for analysis of negative impact on forests and development of unified innovation information system for analysis and forecasting the preconditions and impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the forest state in cross-border areas.

The main attention was paid to the system developed by LITSAM specialists and containing the results of project implementation – its work was  demonstrated to the conference participants.

LITSAM specialist defended his PhD thesis


On May 27, 2021, LITSAM researcher Zakharov V.V. successfully defended his PhD dissertation (scientific specialty 05.13.01 – System analysis, management and information processing (technical systems).

The topic of PhD. thesis: “Models and algorithms for planning the functioning and modernization of a corporate information system based on a service-oriented approach”.

InnoForestView project information system is now in open access


In the framework of InnoForestView project LITSAM specialists completed the development of a pilot version of an information system for analysis and forecasting the preconditions and impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the forest state in cross-border area.

The information system is open and can be accessed by following the link or using a QR code:

The system provides users with the ability to quickly view data on the state of forests, analyze the dynamics of its changes, and is also equipped with simple tools for loading new data necessary for solving specific problems.

Currently, the system is being filled with spatial data, including those obtained by the Russian and Finnish partners of the Innoforestview project.

We invite all interested users to register in the system and test its work!

LITSAM will take part in WaterDrive project


LITSAM will participate in the implementation of the WaterDrive project (Water driven rural development in the Baltic Sea Region) of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program.

WaterDrive is the first interdisciplinary project carried out jointly by different departments of the SPC RAS – SPIIRAS and the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development (IAERD).

In this project, LITSAM is responsible for development of unified information system that unites the results provided by Russian project participants.


Work under the Union State of Russia and Belarus program continues


LITSAM continues to participate in the work under the Union State of Russia and Belarus program.

In February 2021, following the results of the competition held, the SPC RAS ​​concluded an agreement and LITSAM began to carry out an integral part of the research work under the new program «Integration – US».

As in the previous programs «Monitoring-US» and «Technology-US», the state customer on the part of Russia is Roscosmos, the direct customer for the SPC RAS is Space Systems Research and Development Institute (NII KS) – a branch of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center.

The main problem solved in the project is the creation of technology and appropriate software that provide automation of the complex application of Earth remote sensing data received from all spacecraft of the orbital constellation of Russia and Belarus.

New scientific publications on Innoforestview project


A new issue of the scientific journal “Informatization and Communication” has been published recently. It includes thematic section “Information Technologies for Analysis of Forest Ecosystems in the InnoForestView Project“, for which LITSAM specialists prepared a whole series of scientific articles:

  • Grigoreva O.Y., Markov A.Y., Saidov A.G. Service for determining forest taxational indicators based on automated processing of multispectral remote sensing data // Informatization and Communication. 2020. 5. 158-162. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-158-162
  • Zelentsov V.A., Semenov A.E. Principles of information systems design for creation of thematic services based on integrated use of ground-aerospace data and modeling results // Informatization and Communication. 2020. 5. 163-168. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-163-168.
  • Mochalov V.F. Assessment of vegetation state based on modified fuzzy algorithm // Informatization and Communication. 2020. 5. 169-174. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-169-174
  • Zelentsov V.A., Ponomarenko M.R., Pimanov I.Yu. Thematic services for analysis of forests using earth observation data // Informatization and Communication. 2020. 5. 175-181. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-175-181. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-175-181
  • Potryasaev S.A., Pimanov I.Yu. Managing information processes in systems for modeling natural objects // Informatization and Communication. 2020. 5. 182-187. DOI: 10.34219/2078-8320-2020-11-5-182-187

LITSAM specialist defended his Doctoral thesis


On July 02, 2020, LITSAM senior researcher Semyon Potryasaev defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Synthesis of technologies and integrated plans for managing information processes in the industrial Internet” at the SPC RAS.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated 26.11.2020, Semyon Potryasaev was awarded the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.