All-Russian Multiconference on Management Problems MCMP-2023

The 16th All-Russian Multiconference was held on September 11-15.

The conference discussed the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of control processes and their practical application in various spheres of human activity.

Within the framework of sections “Intellectual methods of information processing and control in aviation systems” and “Intellectualization and digital transformation as tools for building transport and logistics systems” of local conferences UAKS-2023 and UPNTS-2023 Yusupov R.M., Sokolov B.V. and Zakharov V.V.
made reports on the following topics:

  1. “Methodological support for solving problems of operational planning in ground-based aviation transportation and logistics systems”
    Authors: V.V. Zakharov, B.V. Sokolov.
  2. “Yusupov R.M., Sokolov B.V., Zakharov V.V.. Fundamentals of the theory of proactive control of functioning and modernization of complex technical objects”
    Authors: Yusupov R.M., Sokolov B.V., Zakharov V.V.