All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference IMMOD-2023

The 11th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on Simulation Modeling and its Application in Science and Industry “Simulation Modeling. Theory and Practice”.

The event was aimed at dissemination of methods and means of simulation modeling for solving scientific and practical problems, stimulation of creative activity and strengthening of material and production potential of the Russian Federation.

The conference included the following sections:

  • Theoretical foundations and methodology of simulation and complex modeling;
  • methods of research and quality assessment of models;
  • methods and systems of distributed modeling;
  • modeling of global processes;
  • means of automation and visualization of simulation and complex modeling;
  • system dynamics;
  • practical application of modeling and simulation automation tools, decision making based on modeling results;
  • simulation and complex modeling in training and education.

Leading scientists from the largest universities, research centers of Russia and other countries took part in the work of the sections. They were also joined by representatives of the real sector of economy and military-space industry.