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Development of the Leningrad Region Spatial Data Fund

Work performance on the Leningrad Region Spatial Data Fund (SDF) development

Project objective:

The development of spatial data infrastructure in order to create a unified geoinformation space of the Leningrad region.

The laboratory shall design software in 3 areas:

  1. Creation of an analytical module for determining (calculating) and building connections between spatial objects in SDF.
  2. Creation of a module for automatic detection of changes on the territory based on remote sensing data processing.
  3. Creation of a subsystem for cataloging and ordering of satellite images.

The subsystem will include:

  • module for space images cataloging;
  • module for space images ordering;
  • module for space images processing.

Processing of data from Resurs-P №1, №2, №3 and Kanopus-V satellites should be supported by the subsystem.



Project customer:

The project is carried out in the interests of the Committee on Communications and Informatization of the Leningrad region.

Direct Customer – Joint-stock company «Regional navigation and information center of the Leningrad region» (JSC «RNIC of the Leningrad region»).

Project implementers:

SPIIRAS, Laboratory of Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling

Project head:

Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viacheslav Zelentsov