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Alexander A. Musaev

Leading Researcher, Dr. Sc. Eng., Professor

Leading Researcher, Dr. Sc. Eng., Professor

Leading Researcher, Dr. Sc. Eng., Professor

Leading  researcher, Laboratory for Information Technologies in Systems Analysis and Modeling, St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation of the RAS (SPIIRAS).


  • Leningrad Mechanical Institute (1972).
  • Leningrad State University (1976).

Scientific and university degrees: Dr. Sc. Eng. and Prof. in 1991 and 1999 respectively.

Fields of Researches:

  • Estimation, forecasting and control of complex dynamic systems.
  • Data analysis and control in non-stationary and chaotic environments.
  • Cognitive information technology.
  • Statistical methods of information processing.
  • Methods and technologies for decision support.

Scientific Activities, Participation in Professional Bodies:

  • Scientific Supervisor of 1 Dr. Sc. Eng. and 5 Ph.D.
  • Member of the American Mathematical Society.
  • Member of the Dissertation Council of SPIIRAS (since 2010).

Teaching Activities:

  • Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Management, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute.
  • Head of the Department of System Analysis and Information Technologies, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute.

Achievements and awardsHonorary Employee of Communications (2000).

Elibrary Profile

Selected Publications:

More than 250 scientific papers, scientific and teaching books, including:

  1. Musaev A.A. Robust methods of dynamics determination. – Defense Ministry USSR, – 172 p.
  2. Strjukov B.A., Musaev A.A. and etc. Physics of destruction and protection of radio electronic means from single jamming of the microwave range. – Defense Ministry USSR, – 262 p.
  3. Karpov E.A., Musaev A.A., Sherstuk Ju.M. Multi-purpose analytical information system. Methodology of creation and basic design solutions. – Defense Ministry USSR, – 143 p.
  4. Musaev A.A. Data Mining: Klondike or Babylon? – Banking Technologies, 1998, No. 11-12 (43). Pp. 79-83.
  5. Melnikov B.G., Musaev A.A. Optimum filtering with finite memory. Proceedings of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Technical cybernetics, №1. – Moscow: AN SSSR, 1989. 31-37.
  6. Musaev A.A., Sherstuk Ju.M. Analytical technologies in the problems of controlling telecommunication systems. – Elektrosvyaz, 2002, No. 8, p. 33-36.
  7. Musaev A.A. Intelligent Control Systems for Refinery Technological Processes // Proceedings of conf. ICPI’02 (Intelligent computing for the petroleum industry,  2. – Mexico: 2002.  Pp. 6-17.
  8. Musaev A.A. Virtual analyzers: the concept of construction and application in the tasks of managing continuous technological processes // Automation in Industry “, 2003, №8. Pp. 28-33.
  9. Musaev A.A. Analytic information technologies in oil refinery // Elsevier-ESWA, 2004, 26. P81-85.
  10. Musaev A.A. Evolutionary-statistical approach to self-organization of prognostic models of process control. – Automation in industry, 2006, №7. Pp. 31-35.
  11. Musaev A.A. Self-organizing simulation models in the tasks of APC-management of industrial objects // Materials of Sci.Conf. IMMOD-2005. T.1. -SPb: Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, 2005. 148-151.
  12. Musaev A.A., Nikitin V.A. The program-algorithmic complex of advanced control of multiparameter technological processes on the basis of prognostic models – Instruments and systems. Management, control, diagnostics, 2007, №3. Pp. 1-5.
  13. Musaev A.A. Structurization of chaos in the capital markets // SPIIRAS Proc. – 2009, № 9. Pp. 66-80.
  14. Musaev A.A. Methods for constructing robustified systems for analyzing trading situations // SPIIRAS Proc. 2010. № Pp. 187-215.
  15. Anantchenko I.V., Musaev A.A. Mathematical and Information Technologies on the Forex Market. – Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Press, 2013. – 180p.
  16. Shevchik A.P., Musaev A.A. Quiet cognitive revolution – 2016. № 4 (972), p.44-51.
  17. Shevchik A.P., Musaev A.A. Knowledge Society: the paradigm of cognitive education. – Alma mater. Herald of the Higher School. 2016. №6. Pp. 6-13.
  18. Jusupov R.M., Musaev A.A. To the evaluation of the effectiveness of information systems. Methodological aspects // Information technologies. 2017. Vol. 23. №5. Pp. 323-332.



Sirenek V.A., Musaev A.A. To the study of the kinetics of glass corrosion during their interact with bioremediments // Glass Physics and Chemistry. 2019. Vol. 45. no.3. P.243 -249.

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Сиренек В.А., Мусаев А.А.,  Шевчик А.П. On the use of hyperbolic mass transfer equations in modeling the relaxation phenomena of diffusion in solids // Glass Phisics and Cemestry. 2017. V.43. №5. Pp. 417-420.

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Yusupov R.M., Musaev A.A. Efficiency of Information Systems and Technologies: Features of Estimation // SPIIRAS Proceedings. 2017. Issue 2(51). P.5-34.

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