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Viacheslav I. Mironov

Leading Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Leading Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Leading Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Chief researcher, Laboratory for Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling, St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation of the RAS (SPIIRAS).

Education: Higher Artillery Engineering School named after M. I. Nedelin in Rostov-na-Donu (1962).

Scientific and university degrees: Dr. Sc. Eng. and Prof. in 1975 and 1984 respectively.

Fields of Researches:

  • fundamental and applied researches in complex modelling;
  • theory of optimal observation and control of dynamic processes;
  • computing mathematics;
  • ballistics of space flight;
  • methods for navigating and controlling the movement of launch vehicles and spacecraft;
  • statistical analysis of complex technical systems.

Scientific Activities, Participation in Professional Bodies:

  • Head of the scientific school «Methodology of analysis and aynthesis of autonomous control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft» (since 1976).
  • Scientific Supervisor of 5 Dr. Sc. Eng. and 40 Ph.D.
  • Member of Expert Council of the Higher attestation Commission (1996-2003).
  • Member of Doctoral Degrees Granting Committees in the Mozaisky Academy (1978-1994).

Teaching Activities:

  • Lecturer and Head of the department «Autonomous aircraft control systems» of the Mozaisky Academy (1975-1994).
  • Professor of the Mozaisky Academy (since 2007).

Achievements and awards:

Awarded by the Order “For Service to the Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces” (3rd class) and by 10 medals of the Government of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Selected Publications:

More than 350 scientific papers, 7 scientific and teaching books, 12 inventions, including:

  1. Missile guidance systems (textbook). Ed. A. Maiboroda and V. Mironov. USSR Ministry of Defense, 1986. – 540 pp.
  2. Golyakov A., Mironov V., Smirnov V. Testing of rocket and space technology systems (textbook). RF Ministry of Defense, 1992. – 398 pp.
  3. Efimov V., Mironov V., Selanitev S. and others. The mechanics of flight. Part 2. Control systems of space vehicles (textbook). Mozaisky Academy, 2010. – 529 pp.
  4. Mironov V., Mironov Y. Variational approach to statistical estimation of parameters of space vehicle orbital motion. – RF Ministry of Defense, 2002. – 166 pp.
  5. Mironov V., Mironov Y. Complex estimation of the state parameters of nonlinear dynamical systems on the basis of the variational approach, Ed. R. Yusupov. SPb .: SPIIRAS, 2007. – 114 pp.
  6. Mironov V. Efficiency, reliability and testing of control systems. USSR Ministry of Defense, 1981. – 200 pp.
  7. Gorichev Y., Lebedev A., Mironov V. Basics of ensuring the quality and reliability of complex systems at the design stage. USSR Ministry of Defense, 1984. – 141pp.
  8. Mironov V., Mironov Y., Yusupov R.. Optimization of control in multipoint tasks about the encounter of movements // Journal of Mechatronics, automation, control, No. 10, 2009. P.14-19.
  9. Mironov V., Mironov Y., Yusupov R. Synthesis of iterative algorithms for solving boundary value problems and nonlinear equations / Journal of Instrument Engineering, №1, 2010. P.9-14.
  10. Mironov V., Fominov I., Miletin A. The method of autonomous indirect identification of the conversion coefficient of the pendulum compensating accelerometer in the conditions of the orbital flight of the spacecraft // Proceedings of SPIIRAS, No. 2, 2015. – P.13-19.


Mironov V.I., Mironov Y.V., Fominov I.V. Energetically Optimal Control of the Convergence of the Spacecraft in Non-Central Gravitational Field of the Earth on the Far Guidance Stage // SPIIRAS Proceedings. 2019. Vol.18. No.1. P.202–229.

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