Integrated use of GIS, remote sensing data and a set of models for operational flood forecasting

Zelentsov V.A., Potryasaev S.A., Pimanov I.Y., and Ponomarenko M.R. Integrated use of GIS, remote sensing data and a set of models for operational flood forecasting // Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., 2019, XLII-3/W8, 477–483.


The research is aimed at the development and testing of the system for operational river flood forecasting. The system is based on the use of a complex of hydrological and hydrodynamic models, as well as in situ and satellite data integrated processing, and implemented on the basis of a service-oriented architecture. A distinctive feature of the system is the complete automation of the entire simulation cycle – from loading initial data to interpreting results, visualizing and alerting interested parties. The theoretical basis for ensuring the coordinated functioning of all system components is the qualimetry of models and polymodel complexes. The practical implementation is carried out using open codes, free software and GIS platform «RegionView».
All the complexity associated with the use of heterogeneous geographically distributed information resources is hidden from the user. This allows the system to be used not only by specialists in GIS, IT or relevant subject area, but also by other users interested in the results of flood monitoring and forecasting – emergency services, local authorities, commercial organizations and citizens.
The described technologies and the system of operational flood forecasting were tested in the Russian Federation on the Northern Dvina River, from the city of Velikiy Ustyug to the city of Kotlas in 2014-2019.
Given test results prove that the application of such an approach ensures full implementation of the required functionality of operational flood forecasting systems, the fulfilment of the basic requirements for such systems and also indicate the possibility of a widespread use of such systems authorities and emergency services.