The first meeting of the InMotion project participants within the ERASMUS program

The project “InMotion”, one of the participants of which is LITSAM, was supported within the ERASMUS program. The project coordinator is the University of Bremen, Germany.

The first meeting of the project participants took place in Bremen on December 18-22, 2016. The meeting was attended by representatives of Russian universities (Maritime Technical University, Polytechnic University named by Peter the Great, University of Novosibirsk), Spain, Malaysia (Petronas University of Technology, University of Technology of Johor Bahru, University of Kuala Lumpur), University of Ljubljana and SPIIRAS.

At the meeting, issues of distribution of activities for work packages were discussed, presentations of project participants were heard, directions for further project activities were outlined, in particular, issues related to the preparation of textbooks for the relevant courses with translation into English, signing agreements with organizations interested in the results of the project. Presentations of SPIIRAS were presented by A.V. Zyuban, senior research of LITSAM SPIIRAS. The dates of trainings for the professors, post-graduate students, masters and technical staff are also determined. The first training will be held March 13-17 at the University of Bremen.

The next meeting of the project participants will take place at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 15, 2017.