Winning the RSF competition

On 07/11/2022, the results of the competition were summarized.

Number: 22-79-00301

Title: Development of models and algorithms for solving a new class of non-stationary transportation and logistics problems of timely, high-speed and safe delivery of associated cargoes using an interconnected system of luggage compartments of different types of vehicles with situationally changing mass-size characteristics.

Supervisor: Valery Vyacheslavovich Zakharov, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Funding organization, region: Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science “St. Petersburg Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, St. Petersburg, Russia.

RSF-supported performance period: 07.2022 – 06.2024

Competition: Competition 2022 “Initiative research by young scientists” of the Presidential Program of research projects implemented by leading scientists, including young scientists.

Knowledge area, main classifier code: 09 – Engineering sciences, 09-602 – Modeling of technical systems

Expected results from the project:

  1. Polymodel logic-dynamic description and formulation of the problem of proactive planning of intermodal transportation of associated cargoes in NATLS as a problem of program control of dynamic objects with mixed constraints.
  2. A combined algorithm and methodology for solving the problem of planning intermodal transportation of associated cargoes in NATLS, based on the use of methods of optimal control theory and multi-criteria evaluation.
  3. A prototype of an experimental software module for planning intermodal transportation of associated cargoes in a land-aviation transportation and logistics system based on service and event-driven architecture.
  4. Results of solving and researching specific applied transportation and logistics problems and obtaining new results and effects.

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