PROSTOR system was presented at the conference of EMERCOM

On October 30-31, 2018, the Emergencies Ministry of Russia held the 17th All-Russian scientific practical conference «The Problems of Forecasting Emergencies». The event was organized by All-Russian center for monitoring and forecasting of emergencies of Emergency Control Ministry of Russia (Center «Antistikhiya»).

Within 2 days, the conference participants discussed the current state of scientific and practical developments on the problems of monitoring and forecasting of natural and man-made emergency situations.

The LITSAM researchers Zelentsov Viacheslav and Potriasaev Semyon presented the report «Scalable regional system of river floods operational monitoring and forecasting: results of development and testing» and the developed system PROSTOR at the exhibition held during the conference.

The report on the system and its demonstration aroused great interest among the participants and contributed to the development of creative links with practitioners interested in the use of such systems in their daily activities.