InnoForestView Kick-off Meeting

On April 16, 2019, the kick-off meeting of international project «Innovative information technologies for analysis of negative impact on the cross-border region forests (InnoForestView)» took place in St. Petersburg.

The project is aimed at creating and integrating Finnish and Russian unified innovation information system for analysis and forecasting the preconditions and impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on the forest state in cross-border area.

The project partners are the following: St. Petersburg information and analytical center, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS and St. Petersburg Forest technical University.

Firstly, the head of the Department of infrastructure technologies and integration systems development (Committee on IT and Communications) Andrey Kashin made a welcoming speech.

Then the partners reported on the activities of their organizations and their role in project implementation.

LITSAM chief researcher Zelentsov Viacheslav made a report about the general concept and key features of the information system that will be developed within the project, as well as SPIIRAS experience in the development and use of information technologies for monitoring natural-technical systems.