All-Russian Forum “SDSC-2017”

On October 25-27, 2017, the All-Russian Forum “System of distributed situational centers as a basis for digital transformation of public administration” (SDSC-2017) was held in St. Petersburg.

SPIIRAS took an active part in the Forum. Corresponding Member of RAS Yusupov R.M., Prof. Sokolov B.V., Prof. Ohtilev M.Yu. and Prof. Puhov G.G. (“Geonavigator”) presented plenary report on the following topic:

M.U. Okhtilev, G.G. Puhov, B.V. Sokolov, R.M. Yusupov. Methodology and technology of deputed uniform multifunctional information-analytical platform for situation center.

During the Forum exhibition Prof. Sokolov B.V. and Prof. Ohtilev M.Yu. together with SUAI presented an exposition dedicated to the scientific and practical results of developing and implementing intellectual decision support systems in various subject areas (Roskosmos, Rosatom, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation) obtained by the scientists from these organizations.

During the plenary report Prof. Sokolov pointed out that a special place in solving the problems of managing the digital economy in the Russian Federation should be devoted to the organization of system (complex) modeling of complex production and technological processes and facilities. In this connection, he dwelled on the recent results of SPIIRAS International Project ERASMUS +, Capacity building in higher education, № 73751-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “InMotion: Innovative teaching and learning strategies in open modelling and simulation environment for student-centered engineering education”.