LITSAM at Innovation Forum 2018

On November 30, 2018, a practical seminar «Copernicus Satellite Data: New Opportunities for Innovation» was held in the framework of XI St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

The seminar was organized by Russian-European Innovation Partnership, Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS within the BalticSatApps project.

Firstly, the head of the Department of infrastructure technologies and integration systems development (Committee on IT and Communications) Andrey Kashin made a welcoming speech. Then the executive director of Russian-European Innovation Partnership Maria Kuzko presented the main goals and objectives of BalticSatApps project.

The staff of LITSAM took an active part in the seminar. Viacheslav Zelentsov moderated the meeting and pointed out the current need of tools for easier access to earth remote sensing data and related products, as well as for the development of thematic services in different subject areas and their commercialization.

Ilya Pimanov reported about the Copernicus satellite data and thematic services, their application and features of Copernicus data access for Russian users and presented the interface for communication between the Copernicus program and end users. This interface allows the user to formulate requests for solving applications using satellite data provided by the Copernicus program and Roskosmos geoportal.

The seminar ended with an active discussion: the participants asked the speakers about the access to space images, their application in different areas of interest and the possibilities of the developed interface.