Conference in Czech Republic

On 02-04 October, 2017 an international scientific conference titled “Quo vaditis agriculture, forestry and society under global change?“ took place in Velké Karlovice (Czech Republic). The conference was focused on the state of agriculture and forestry in conditions of global changes, and human dimension of global change impacts. The organizer of the conference was Global Change Research Institute CAS – CzechGlobe. The institute is investigating the ongoing global changes and their impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society through the use of the latest techniques and instrumentation.

In 2015 SPIIRAS (LITSAM) and CzechGlobe concluded a cooperation agreement. Within the framework of the agreement, the institutes conduct scientific research on integrated processing of aerospace and ground-based measurements data. The joint work is focused on social and environmental issues and based on hyperspectral satellite images from the Russian satellite system “Resurs-P” and the set of laboratory and experimental technical tools for the analysis of vegetation.

At the conference the representative of LITSAM Victor Mochalov presented the following report:

Zelentsov V., Potryasaev S., Pimanov I., Mochalov V. Intellectual Information Platform for thematic services creation with integrated use of ERS and in-situ data.

In the context of existing need of organizing the integrated processing of data from various technical means, the report attracted great interest.

Joint work of SPIIRAS and CzechGlobe will be continued.