Conference «Digital technologies in the forestry» 2020

On March 26, 2020, All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference “Digital Technologies in the Foresty” was held at the St. Petersburg State Forestry University.

The main topics of the conference in 2020 were the following: “Geoinformation technologies and remote sensing methods in forestry”, “Infocommunication and web technologies – opportunities and prospects for application in the forestry”, “Digital technologies in landscape architecture, design, construction and production of wood products”, “Digital forest pedagogy”, round table “Main directions and tasks of digital transformation of forestry in the Russian Federation”.

The conference was attended by LITSAM representative Victor Mochalov, who presented the report:

Mochalov V.F. Initial information for processing Earth observation data // Digital technologies in the forestry. Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference. St. Petersburg State Forestry University; St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. 2020. P.108-110.

The presented research was carried out in the framework of «Innovative information technologies for analysis of negative impact on the crossborder region forests – Innoforestview» project.