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Baltic ICT Platform

The International project «Baltic ICT Platform»

Project objective:

The International project «Baltic ICT Platform» was launched for the purpose of creation of a network of the centers of demonstration of the latest developments in the sphere of information technologies in 2012.The project was realized during the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme «Estonia-Latvia-Russia», and within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership 2007-2013. On the platforms have been created as a result of the project implementation the advanced electronic decisions for business sector and citizens will be submitted, including e- services of the program participating countries: Estonia, Latvia, Russia, for business and citizens.

In the course of cooperation within 36 months (January 2012 – December 2014) it is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Preparation of a comparative review of existing electronic services with interviewing.
  • Round tables according to a review and discussion of the gap between the needs of consumers and the choice offered to date services.
  • The establishment of networking demo centers (Riga, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Tartu) for the presentation of e-services.
  • Testing in pilot mode of the process of e-services based on the demo centers.

During the project SPIIRAS spent examination and selection of the most promising e-services to be presented at venues DEMO centers.
Currently, the demo center of St. Petersburg presented two own development SPIIRAS:

  • Service integrated ground-space monitoring (for example, monitoring and operational flood forecasting).
  • Service operational management of the territory of the municipality on an open platform and mobile geoinformation technologies.


36 months (01.2012 – 12.2014)

Project customer:

Cross-Border Cooperation Programme «Estonia-Latvia-Russia» 2007-2013

Project partners:

1. Not-for-profit Partnership North-West Funding Service Centre
2. NP “Russian-European Innovation Partnership»
3. St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS)
4. NGO “IT cluster Latvia»
5. NGO “ICT Demo Center»
6. Science Park Tartu
7. The Committee on Information and Communication of St. Petersburg – associate partner.
The beneficiaries of the project are residents, business organizations, non-profit partnerships and government agencies.

Project head:

Chief of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sokolov Boris Vladimirovich