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Innovative teaching and learning strategies in open modelling and simulation environment for student-centered engineering education

Project objective:

  • To develop programs for bachelors and masters using various open source platforms on the basis of the best European practices.
  • To train teachers on new courses.
  • To conduct trainings for bachelors, masters, postgraduate students and technical staff.

The role of SPIIRAS is as follows:

  • To contribute to labour market the analysis in the CMSE field in EU and PC, analysis of EU&PC educational programs and best didactic practice, comparative study of tools in CSME.
  • To participate in teaching during summer schools.
  • To evaluate staff retraining and results of the student summer schools.
  • To take part in the assessment of new developed syllabi and teaching and learning materials.
  • To participate in the dissemination, exploitation and sustainability activities.
  • To participate in InMotion net.


15.10.2016 – 14.10.2019

Project customer:

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European program «ERASMUS Mundus».

Project implementers:

Project head:

Chief of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sokolov Boris Vladimirovich