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Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural-Technological Systems

Project objective:

The project addresses the topical problem of integrated real-time monitoring and control of cross-border natural-technological systems (NTS) in normal and emergency situations based on heterogeneous data received from space and ground-based facilities.

Main objectives:

  • Description of state-of-the-art in automation and intellectualization of NTS monitoring and control in normal and emergency situations considering integrated data from space and ground-based sources
  • Development of a conceptual framework for integrated intelligent monitoring and control of NTS based on mixed-type data processing
  • Development of IT for analysis and synthesis of  integrated intelligent platform for cross-border NTS monitoring and control
  • Development of software prototype which demonstrates possibilities and advantages of suggested new IT for analysis and synthesis of integrated system for the cross-border NTS monitoring and control
  • Establishment of integrated distributed information network of workstations

The project is a part of «Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument».


24 months (02.2012-02.2014)

Project customer:

Cross-Border Cooperation Programme «Estonia-Latvia-Russia» 2007-2013

Project implementers:

Project leader:

Riga Technical University

Associated partners:

Project head:

Chief of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sokolov Boris Vladimirovich