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Environmental monitoring of the spaceport «Vostochnyj»

Development of organizational-methodological recommendations for conducting of integrated environmental monitoring during operation of the spaceport «Vostochnyj»

Project objective:

The following results were obtained within the research work:

  • Compound and characteristics of terrestrial, and aerospace equipment involved into complex ecological monitoring of spaceport objects, were substantiated. The survey materials from Russian satellites «Resurs-P» and «Kanopus-V» were used as the main remote sensing data sources.
  • Tools of integrated ground – aerospace environmental monitoring for the periods of the spaceport objects building and their normal operation were developed .
  • Model of integrated aerospace environmental monitoring of the spaceport objects, taking into account using of in-situ and aerospace sources of information, was elaborated.
  • Thematic layers of digital maps showing an ecological status of the spaceport territory were updated.
  • Environmental zoning of the spaceport territory was carried out.



General customer:


Project customer:

Institute of water and environmental problems SB RAS (Barnaul)

Project implementers:

SPIIRAS, Laboratory of Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling

Project head:

Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viacheslav Zelentsov