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Integrated Ground-Space Monitoring System of the Extreme North Vegetation’s Dynamics

Project objective:

A technology for integrated monitoring of the Far North vegetation changes dynamics with use of heterogeneous  terrestrial and satellite data had been proposed and implemented.

Satellite images of territory of Taimyr and the North Eastern European part of Russia, and also materials of in situ measurements in key areas were used during research.

Prototype of an automated monitoring system was created, the boundaries of climatic zones and sub-zones of East-European tundra and Taimyr Peninsula were refined and analyzed, the database of spectral signatures of plant communities in the Russian Arctic was considerably supplemented. In addition, refined geobotanical maps of a model of reindeer herding farms were obtained.

The project’s staff involved researches from the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Taimyr nature reserve, which gave the project interdisciplinary features and helped to draw valid conclusions about the possibility of scaling the results to large tundra areas.


2013 – 2015

Project customer:

Russian Fundamental Research Foundation.

The project was implemented by the RFBR grant 13-08-00702.

Project implementers:

SPIIRAS, Laboratory of Information Technologies in System Analysis and Modeling

Project head:

Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viacheslav Zelentsov