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New project on the Union State program

New project on the Union State program

Successful defense of the project

Successful defense of the project

In June 2017 meeting of the Interdepartmental commission on the acceptance of the core design for creation of a system for providing of consumers with Earth remote sensing data from space (SIS PC ERSD) took place in Moscow. The head developer of the project is Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments» (JSC «RI PI»).

The commission was headed by representatives of ROSCOSMOS and included representatives of more than 10 interested ministries and departments – potential users of the system.

Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viacheslav Zelentsov and Senior Researcher, Candidate of Technical Sciences Semyon Potryasaev took part in the meeting and successfully defended the results obtained.

As part of this project, SPIIRAS has developed the following:

  • List detailed and functional characteristics of geodata services generated using Earth remote sensing data for regional and municipal authorities to implement their duties, and proposals on the stages of these services creation.
  • Proposals for the architecture and technological solutions for the interface of SIS PC ERSD providing interaction with information systems of regional authorities, municipal authorities and also with other regional consumers.
  • Proposals for stepwise development, composition and requirements to the thematic services in the following areas: Forest cover, Water resources, Ecosystems and biological diversity, Emergencies, Objects of transport and energy systems. A total of 20 thematic services are being developed.

The Commission recommended to continue the work on creation of the SIS PC ERSD.

ITOPK 2017

ITOPK 2017

In the period from 20 to 22 June 2017 the All-Russian scientific-technical conference «Information technologies in the service of the military-industrial complex of Russia – 2017» was held in Izhevsk. Deputy director, Head of LITSAM, Dr. Tech. Sci., Prof. Sokolov B.V. took part in session «Dual-Purpose Information Technologies in military-industrial complex» with a report «Topical scientific and technical issues in the development of decision support systems» (coauthors: chief researcher, Dr. Tech. Sci., Prof. Zelentsov V.A., Dr. Tech. Sci., Prof. Ohtilev M.Y., corresponding member of RAS Yusupov R.M.).

31st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation

31st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation

On May 23-26, 2017, the 31st European Conference on Modelling and Simulation took place in Budapest, Hungary.

Senior Researcher of LITSAM Semyon Potryasaev presented a report on the following topic:

Semyon A. Potryasaev (2017). Integrated Modelling Of Complex Processes On Basis Of BPMN, ECMS 2017 Proceedings Edited by: Zita Zoltay Paprika, Péter Horák, KataVáradi, Péter Tamás Zwierczyk, Ágnes Vidovics-Dancs, János Péter Rádics European Council for Modeling and Simulation. doi: 10.7148/2017-0209.

InMotion project meeting at the University of Ljubljana

InMotion project meeting at the University of Ljubljana

From 15 to 17 May, 2017 the scientific-technical and educational seminar in the framework of InMotion project «Innovative strategies of teaching and training of future engineers with use of visual modeling environments and open-source software» was held at the University of Ljubljana. The seminar was attended by representatives of the University of Bremen (Germany), National University of Distance Education (Spain), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia), Institute of Technology PETRONAS (Malaysia), Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, St. Petersburg Insitute of Informatics and Automation RAS.

The interim results of the first stage of project implementation were summarized during the seminar. SPIIRAS participated as an industrial partner. Prof. Sokolov B.V. presented a progress report related to the involvement of academic, scientific and commercial organizations in the process of project implementation. In addition there were made proposals for the participation of SPIIRAS representatives in preparing a number of international publications on modeling issues which are planned to be published at the end of the project in 2019.

The new laboratory project is supported by the RSF

The new laboratory project is supported by the RSF

The laboratory project application became a winner of the Russian Science Foundation competition. The project title: «Methodology and service-oriented technology for the development and implementation of the system for integrated automated modeling of natural and natural-technological objects and its application for the operational forecasting of river floods».

The project will be implemented jointly by laboratory staff and hydrological specialists from the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University.

Thus we will continue our research on the development of fundamental theory relating models qualimetry and its application for multi-model forecasting of river floods.


Decision making support

Methodological, methodical principles and tools for solving the problems of adaptive structural-functional synthesis and proactive management of complex organizational-technical systems application and development.


Theory of models and multiple-model complexes qualimetry.

Tools for automation and intellectualization of complex modeling of information processes and systems in different conditions.


Methods, tools and systems for integrated processing of heterogeneous terrestrial and aerospace data in territory development management.


Technologies and systems of spatial data processing and visualization for solving the problems of monitoring and decision support in various subject areas

Remote sensing

Methods and tools of remote sensing data processing for solving thematic tasks in the field of natural resources, agriculture, emergencies etc.


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